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Stephane Sadly Passed Away

Hello everyone, Steve Ayling here with some very sad news.

Sadly Stephane passed away on the 22nd of February. I know Stephane had not been well for a while but I was totally unaware that we could have this sad news any time soon. I last spoke to him on the 9th when he said he was going in for routine surgery and would be back in a couple of days. Sadly he never came back online.

This is really hard for me to write as Stephane was not just a client but a very close friend. We talked about twice a week and he was very down to earth. He never let his disabilities stop him and would even laugh when his dragon dictation that he used to type and read out things online would miss hear what he said etc. I would just like to take a moment to thank him who will always look down from heaven on the TE and Mailer industry and check on what we are doing I am sure.

I am sorry it has taken so long for me to let you all know but I didn’t find out right away only after doing some digging as he wasn’t replying then I tried to contact the family. I knew I had access into some of the sites but wanted to see if any family members replied or had access before writing as I didn’t want to step out of place etc.

I have access to a few of his sites as I was working on them at the time. But sadly I have not been able to contact the family. I have left lots of messages to people on his Facebook that have the same surname but no replies.

I spoke to the host and his server bill is overdue so the sites will soon go offline. I was hoping the family would contact me or the hosting company etc and maybe we could save one or two sites in his name but without access to the domain names I cant even move them to other hosting etc.

I advise you all not to purchase ads etc from the sites as they soon will not be online and I don’t want you to lose out on what you buy as much as possible.

Lastly Stephane’s funeral is on the 9th March and the details can be found along with his obituary here

Rest In Peace big guy, You was a credit to this industry and very much missed by all.

Update on why I have not been online…

It’s been a month now since I was admitted to the hospital. Before that, for about 2 weeks I was not feeling well, therefore I decided to go to the hospital and right away they sent me for a CT Scan. While I was having my CT Scan done, I ended up comatose similar to what happened way back in 2003. But this time in order to keep me stabilize, they did a tracheal intubation.

It was no picnic “sort of speak”, it’s something I went through in 1992 (when I first had my acquired injury) due to having collapse lungs and never expected nor did I want to go through it again.

About 3 weeks later, they performed Tracheotomy for me to be able to build up my lungs capacity back up in order to get better. Click on the link for more info on this procedure;

Now I’m am finally starting to breath on my own since Sunday and expect to be out of here within the next month. They also hat to put PIIC line on my right arm; Click below for more info on what PIIC is;

Everything went well and I’m a fighter and will be back soon.

Cash & Prize Sales Contest Update

27 days ago the doors to my new VIP members area here at open, where you can collect our Gems rewards for free and redeem them for advertising at my network of sites.

To celebrate I held a cash prize sales contest where affiliate with the most sales at each site would win $15 cash. Second place gets $10 cash and 3rd place $5 cash.

Congratulations to Leslie Denning for most sales at Purple Vault Mailer, Steve Ayling for most sales at Click or Return Email Wiz, Inga Ozolina for most sales at List Grab, Diana Grinyer for most sales at 7 Dollars Ads, LeighAnn Little for most sales at Dynamite Mailing Explosion, Colleen Fitten for most sales at Traffic Exchange Wiz and Oliver Boshkovski for most sales at Viking-Hits.

Well done! All the best to the others who have won 2nd and 3rd prizes as well. May your life be filled with more blessings such this.

Check out the contest rankings on the special Sales Contest page here.

Thanks to all of you who took time out of your busy schedule to participate, make sure to check your account as everyone’s prizes have been added.

VIP Members Area Now Open

Great news folks.

My VIP members area that I have been working on for the past 3 years is now open for you to join.

It is a fun packed rewards site where not only can you collect Gems (Our reward points name) by joining all of my sites but you can also get them by surfing at my Traffic Exchanges once per TE per day.

Reading emails sent from the VIP members area has its benefits too as they sometimes include game credits and other Gems codes. Game credits allow you to play some of our great fun games that pay out winners with Gems each time you play. How many will you win today?

So these Gems we talk about. Well they are really worth collecting because you can exchange them for some great advertising at my sites. Need some more page views, we have that covered, ran out of mailing credits, you can get them too. Plus exclusive ads like on my login pages and more.

Registration and using the VIP members area is completely free and there are no upgrades to buy. It really is just a fun rewards site as a way of me saying thank you to you for being a member of my sites.

By joining all my sites, the more Gems you get to collect. The more Gems you collect the more advertising you get rewarded with on my VIP membership!

You can collect Gems simply by being a member of my site. At the bottom of the membership in each site there is a code that you can grab, that can be your very first code and all of my sites have them! For a list of all my sites, simply visit my Main Hub page by clicking here.

You can also collect gems by surfing 75 pages at
– Attention Seeking Traffic
– Viking-Hits and
– Traffic Exchange Wiz on a daily basis.

P.S. Do not forget about my sales contests that are going on at all my sites, for more information and to see the standings check out the contest page here.

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