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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find A List Of Your Sites?
If you click "Home" at the bottom of the page or a box link that says "Back To Main Page" you will go to my main hub page and there you will find the banners for all of my sites.

How Can I Contact You?
Simply click on "Contact" at the bottom of the page or on one of our box links that says "Support Desk" and you can send us a support ticket. This is the best and fastest way to contact me.

How Can I Join The VIP Area?
The VIP members area is available to anyone who has upgraded at at least one of my sites. Simply visit a site that you are upgraded at and have a look in the members area menu for the "VIP Signup" link and you can join from there by clicking the signup button on that page.

How Do I Get Gems?
Gems are found and collected in a variety of ways that include finding special Gem Claim Codes on my sites and in emails etc from my sites and sometimes given by others. You can also look out for our Gems Claim Page that is shown while clicking at or surfing at other sites.Plus for a little fun you can use your game credits to play games like the Gem Prize Wheel where Gems are rewarded too.

What Are Game Credits?
Game Credits can be collected by clicking links in emails that are sent from the VIP members area to all members. You can also get one each day when you login and view the daily login ad.

What Can I Use Gems For?
You can trade Gems for things like advertising and products and services inside the members area under the Gems Menu and the Trade Gems page.

Where Do You Show Login Banner Ads?
Login banner ads are displayed on the login pages at all my sites and you can promote there for free by trading your gems for login banner impressions.

How Can I Advertise On Your Sites?
You can advertise on each site using that sites advertising services or you can advertise here on this productions hub by using Gems to trade for banner impressions. You can also advertise on all my sites by using my login banner ads feature.

How Do I Remove My VIP Membership?
Simply login and click on your profile and at the bottom you will find a delete account button.

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